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Carpets should be cleaned from time to time. Depending on the use and how often a carpet is attended to, you may have to opt for professional carpet cleaning once a year or several times a year. Regular vacuuming is a paradox actually. You cannot and should not vacuum your carpet every day. While vacuuming can get rid of some loose particulate matter or dust and dirt, it would also damage the material that the carpet is made of. Homeowners don’t usually have a practice of daily vacuuming. Some companies do. It is recommended that carpets be vacuumed once a week or once a fortnight if there isn’t much traffic.

Regardless of how well you maintain your carpets, you will have to opt for carpet cleaning in Irvine at least once a year and advisedly twice a year. Seasonal carpet cleaning is imperative. You should clean your carpet once before summer and once before winter or once after winter and once after summer. You are looking at a session every six months to keep things sorted. Should your carpet get extremely stained or damaged for some reason, you must immediately opt for a professional carpet cleaning.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services Is A League Apart

There is no dearth of carpet cleaning companies in Irvine, CA. For you to hire one or to consider us there must be some substantial reasons. Here’s what sets our carpet cleaning services apart from the rest.

  We have unparalleled experience and unmatched expertise in carpet cleaning. We have dealt with all kinds of carpets, regardless of their size and how or where they are used. We have the resources, including manpower and technical infrastructure, to cater to all kinds of carpet cleaning. While normal vacuuming and attending to stains are obvious, we also have state of the art equipment for dry and steam cleaning.

  We practice organic carpet cleaning. We do not use any harsh chemicals that can damage your carpet. We don’t use any detergent or toxins that can have emissions from your cleaned carpet after it is reinstalled and thus cause discomfort. As a bonus, our carpet cleaning has no adverse environmental impact.

  Our method of operation is very simple and yet very effective. Once you call us at (949) 229-7920 and tell us what you need, we shall offer you a consultation, diagnose the condition of your carpet and then give you a quote. Should you give us a go-ahead, we will take care of everything. From uninstalling the carpet to carrying it to carrying it to and from your address, getting it reinstalled after cleaning and providing you tips to take better care of the carpet, we would attend to everything. We also have a very quick turnaround time. You don’t have to stay without your carpet for several days.
  Our organic carpet cleaning methods take into account restoration as well. So you don’t just get clean carpets but restored ones.

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